Cara Delevigne is one of the youngest style icons nowadays. Every time she wears some brand new clothes, she gets attention of the most influential fashion designers, stars and brands. This time she was spotted walking out of hotel when she stayed during Paris Fashion Week 2012 where she appeared on the catwalk for over 50 times. Cara’s style depends on her life – she travels a lot and she’s also huge workaholic. She stands for simple outfits with edginess and prints. This time she wore simple white jacket, her face beanie and striped pants.

Original Items

Basic beanie by Supreme

Jacket by River Island –  White Waterfall Biker Jacket

Pants by Matches Fashion stella mccartney  trousers

Same & affordable


Jacket by ASOS – Distressed Longline Denim Jacket in Soft White

Beanie by ASOS – Oversized Beanie In Black

Pants by MANGO – Stripe Trousers, Purple – White

Sunglasses by ASOS – Round Sunglasses With High Bar And Metal Bridge Detail

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